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Potomac Rambling Bares - Calendar of Upcoming Events

last updated: September 25, 2023

Next upcoming events:

October 2023:

1 (Sunday)....Wedding Anniversary House Party (Silver Spring MD)

Unless otherwise indicated, please contact us at for more information about our events. Most but not all of our house parties are on Saturday evenings, 7-11pm.

NOTES: Unless you are a member, guest of a member, or otherwise known to us (such as if we've recently met you at our own or other clothing-optional events), please first supply the screening information we request for prospective members, as outlined on our "How Can I Join the Bares?" page, well in advance of the event. Not all of our membership committee members have e-mail, so allow extra time for your information form to reach us by snail-mail. (Do this, even if you're unsure about pursuing membership -- either way, we need to find out more about you if we don't know you already, so our event hosts will be comfortable inviting you into their homes.) Our Membership Committee will coordinate RSVPs for new prospective members.

Also, our house parties sometimes fill up a few days before the party, so early RSVPs (even tentative ones) would be a good idea.

Our events are typically at no extra charge to our members. We normally charge a $10 per single/$15 per couple guest fee for prospective members and guests at our house parties, to help cover event costs. However, we offer a free first visit to prospective members. We usually also ask guests to bring a dish to share, as well as their own beverages.

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