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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How often are PRB activities held?

A. Events are held at least once or twice a month, year-round (usually house parties in the winter, outdoor events in the summer). While most events are local we sometimes schedule travel trips to other states. Additionally, through our affiliations with local clubs, Bares have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of other activities offered by these clubs.
Q. Where are PRB activities held?

A. At local landed nudist clubs, clothing optional beaches, local rivers and reservoirs, members' homes and yards. Fortunately, many of our members who have large dens, swimming pools, and hot tubs generously open their homes to fellow Bares. We particularly welcome new members who have the space and facilities to hold Bares events.

Q. What is the policy about clothing for new members and guests? Do I have to get naked?

A. PRB is a clothing-optional club. Nudity is never required at PRB activities. A new member or guest may choose to remain clothed or not as he or she feels comfortable. Our clothing-optional policy is ideal for the nervous first-timer or hesitant partner. However, most of the clubs we visit require nudity in their pools and hot tubs and some require nudity on the grounds, weather premitting. Newcomers and guests will want to be aware of each club's policy on clothing before deciding to visit.

Q. Why go nude?

A. "To relax and be nude is to let yourself be totally free. Nude recreation embraces the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. Our own self-esteem is enhanced by our ability to accept ourselves as we really are. Social class distinctions stated by clothing disappear. We find it easy to accept others regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition. Nudists respect each other's individuality. People who enjoy nude recreation distinguish between nudity and sex and keep the two in their proper perspective." (an excerpt from the AANR website)

Q. Are you a bunch of swingers?

A. No. Individuals seeking this type of experience will be very disappointed with the Bares.

Q. What is the cost of PRB membership?

A. Annual Bares dues are currently $137 for couples and $76.00 for singles. These dues include membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation. The AANR part of the Bares dues (currently $92 for couples, $46 for singles) can be deducted, for those who join the Bares but are already AANR members such as through another nudist club. AANR supports the principles of nude recreation overall and the Bares have chosen to support these principles through our participation with AANR. Our contributions to AANR support national and regional programs such as government affairs, public relations, park management, and other ongoing programs that promote the acceptance of social nudism.

Q. What is the process for joining?

A. Upon inquiry, we will send you information on the club, as well as an applicant information form (which you can also download and print out if you have Abode Acrobat Reader installed on your computer), and a schedule of activities. Once we have received your information form, one of us will contact you, answer any questions you have about the club, and invite you to attend your first event. We will help you get introduced to other members of the club. and help you through the membership process. We ask you to attend at least three events within a 24-month period before applying for membership in the Bares. At our general membership meetings, usually in early February, late spring, and autumn, we vote on applications for new members.

Q. Is there a cost to attending PRB events?

A. To encouarge participation, the first event is always free for prospective members. After that there is a nominal cost of $10 for singles and $15 per couple to offset event expenses. Once you join, most events are free, but others, such as canuding or trips to clubs will have a cost associated with them.

Q. My spouse is not interested in social nudism. Can I still join the Bares?

A. Married persons must join the Bares together as a couple. PRB is a community of friends and we want to bring people together, not keep them apart. But if the hesitant spouse is comfortable attending our clothing-optional events with his or her nudist spouse, that is fine with us.

Q. Is photography allowed at PRB events?

A. The Bares enlist an official club photographer who maintains an album of club activities. But pictures are taken only of those members who have agreed they would like to be photographed. All new members and visiting guests are specifically asked individually if they wish to be included in photographs. A signed photo release is required before a photo can be published in our newsletter or posted on our website. With permission, these photos are sometimes printed in our club newsletter, The Rambler. Photography by non-members, or of minors, is not allowed at PRB events.

Q. Are there any restrictions or quotas on singles?

A. No. At present the club has no gender quota nor do we place any restrictions on membership based on gender or marital status. We have found that most events are well balanced with respect to gender. However, each event's host can decide whether to place any gender balance restictions on attendance.

Q. Can anyone join PRB?

A. Membership in the Bares is by invitation only. Our membership committee screens all prospective members. Potential members must attend three PRB events within a 24-month period, and meet current members who must approve their joining. For more information about membership, see the answer to "What is the Process for Joining?" above.
Q. As a woman, will I feel comfortable being nude?

A. We provide an environment that is enriching and supportive of women. You will experience the total relaxation of nude recreation and realize nudists appreciate you for who you are on the inside, not your outward appearance.

Q. Are most PRB members married or single?

A. The majority of Bares members join as a couple, and most of these couples are married. Many Bares are single, including many of the club's officers and directors.

Q. I am very self-conscious about my weight. Do members of your club have fit and athletic bodies?

A. The members of the Potomac Rambling Bares, like all nudist groups, represent a cross-section of American society. We come in all shapes and sizes.

Q. Are children welcome at PRB functions?

A. Children are natural nudists and quickly take to it like ducks take to water. If the event host has facilities available for children they are most welcome to attend with their parents. All of the landed clubs we visit welcome children accompanied by their parents.

Q. What are the local landed clubs like?

A. Each club has its own history, personality and culture that makes it special. All of them, however, provide the friendly stress free atmosphere where you can enoy social nude recreation with family and friends. At any nudist club you will meet a wide variety of people, diverse in age, profession, and background. Club activities often include sports and events much like any resort. You may also enjoy swimming, walking, tennis, hiking, volleyball, themed parties, dancing, and special events.

Q. Isn't too much exposure to the sun a cancer risk?

A. Yes, and nudists are most aware of the health related outcomes of sun exposure, both good and bad. Nudists take reasonable precautions to minimize these risks, such as hats, shade, and sunblock. Sunburn is a serious problem to be avoided. Actually, some amount of sun on our bodies is therapeutic. The key as always is balance and moderation.

Q. How popular is social nudism in the United States?

A. The Roper Organization reported that some 40 million Americans have skinny-dipped in mixed company, and many more would given the right opportunity. Tens of thousands of Americans belong to the American Association for Nude Recreation and/or The Naturist Society. Nude vacations are the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. Recreational nudism is increasing in popularity every year. We know you've thought about it. It's time to experience the joys of nudism. Join us!


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