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 Rambling Bares

Established in 1984


Imagine soaking up the rays of the warm sun without tan lines. Or swimming in a backyard pool without your suit. Or dancing the night away wearing nothing but a smile. If you'd like to explore the joys of social nudism in the greater Washington, DC area (including northern Virginia and suburban Maryland), you ought to think about joining the Potomac Rambling Bares.

Our Mission

The Potomac Rambling Bares ("PRB" or just the "Bares") is a very active member-run, family oriented clothing optional group of friends that enjoys the comfort of social nudity. Our mission is to provide a comfortable family atmosphere for nudists living in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. We encourage the many individuals who enjoy being nude in the privacy of their home to experience the many rewarding aspects of social nudism. PRB is a charter club of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), and its regional organization AANR-East. Many members also belong to The Naturist Society (TNS).

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Potomac Rambling Bares
P.O. Box 7134
Arlington, Virginia 22207-0134

For information about PRB membership and arranging an invitation to one of our events through our membership committee, please review our "How Can I Join the Bares?" page. Please direct membership and event inquiries to prbares@prbares.org. Other inquiries, please e-mail us at prbares@prbares.org.

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